A Storyhive Documentary

Picture a Farmer is a documentary that will challenge the conventional perceptions of women's roles on the farm.

Women have always been a critical part of farm life, yet they're rarely seen as Farmers. Women on farms raise children, cook meals, maybe tend to a garden. But they also do so much more: drive the tractors, tend the animals, fix equipment, and toil in the office noting yields and prices and ensuring the business runs efficiently.

They are Farmers.Picture a Farmer will explore female farmers in Alberta who are taking ownership of the title Farmer. We will speak to women who have stepped up to save the family farm, who have returned to their farm roots after detours to urban careers, and women who are taking their place on Ag boards to ensure women have a say in decision making.

As we continue to look to a future of advancing equal representation and agricultural sustainability, these women’s stories are more important than ever.